Friday, March 6, 2015

The Great Greene Heist

Jackson Greene is trying to live the clean life after getting caught trying to break into the principal's office and not exactly kissing a girl to annoy a rival.  He knows he's out if he commits one more infraction.

The problem is his former best friend and girl of his dreams Gaby de la Cruz is running for student council president against slime-ball Keith Sinclair.  Jackson tries to stay out of it, but once he discovers that Keith is plotting to win no matter what, he has to involved.

It's bad enough that Keith wants to strip all the clubs in school of funding (except of course for his clubs), but Jackson can't let Keith do this to Gaby.  She deserves to win.

Jackson puts together a team to steal the election.  There's Charlie, his best friend and Gaby's twin brother; Bradley, the inside man; Hashemi, tech support; and Victor, the money man.  Can this team of cons pull off the biggest heist of Jackson's career to win the election for Gaby and maybe the girl of his dreams for Jackson?  Read Varian Johnson's debut book to find out!  I definitely recommend this one for fans of heist stories with a touch of romance and humor.

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