Friday, March 20, 2015


If you are like me, suffering because Winter, the next book in the Lunar Chronicles is coming out in November instead of February, Fairest will help ease your pain.  But be warned, this book is crazy!

Princess Levana lives a life that is cold and lonely.  She never felt loved by her parents or her older sister.  When her parents are murdered by Shells, Channary becomes queen, and Levana becomes an even bigger joke in the royal court with her older sister taking every opportunity to mock and belittle her.

Meanwhile, Levana has developed feelings for one of her guards, Evret, but she is devastated to learn that not only is he married but his wife is pregnant.  When Evret's wife dies in child birth, Levana is convinced this is her opportunity for love.  Evret will no longer need to cling to his poor seamstress wife when he can be married to a princess.

From the first page of this novella it is clear that Levana has already started developing the cruelty and madness we see in the other books in the series.  This is a fascinating story about motive, loneliness, and delusion, but it is definitely more mature than the other books in the series.

Marissa Meyer weaves in pieces of her other characters' stories in Levana's tale, but you'll need to pay attention to catch some of the details.  This edition also includes the first three chapters of Winter which is good and bad because we still have to wait for the rest.  Recommended for fans of The Lunar Chronicles!

Click below for an interview with the author!

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