Friday, March 20, 2015

The Young Elites

When Adelina was a child the blood fever swept across the land killing many and leaving others marked.  Adelina, like many other survivors is a Malfetto.  She lost her left eye to the fever, her skin bears strange markings, and her hair and eyelashes turned from brown to silvery white.

The Malfettos are are outcasts in Kenettra.  Many people believe they are demons from the underworld.  While the Malfettos are scorned, some of them have new abilities.  These young Elites each have some kind of ability to control the natural world.

Adelina has always been a Malfetto, hated and cruelly treated by her father.  When her father decides to sell her to an older man, she runs away, and for the first time, she realizes she too is an Elite.

Adelina has the power to create illusions.  She could become a powerful asset to the Daggers, a group of Elites who take her in.  But many of the Daggers are wary of Adelina's power and the growing darkness in her heart.  As she struggles to control her powers, the darkness grows within her.

Everyone wants Adelina for a purpose, and she is caught in the middle of a dangerous game with enemies on all sides.  There are many who want to use her power, but does anyone want Adelina for herself?

Marie Lu's new series opener was a thrilling read.  I'm still trying to decide how I feel about it.  This is no straight forward tale, but a story of darkness and betrayal.  Recommended for fans of anti-heroes.

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