Friday, June 1, 2012


Money is tight for Wahoo and his father, Mickey Crane, but the animal wranglers have just landed a job worth a lot of cash working on the Everglades episode of Expedition Survival.   But the show's star, Derrick Badger, isn't the great survivalist he appears to be on TV.  He knows nothing about animals and outdoor survival, and he doesn't even camp out when he is supposed to be fighting for his life in the wild outdoors.

Right off the bat, Derrick is nearly drowned by an alligator, bitten by a snapping turtle, and squeezed by a python.  Just when Wahoo and Mickey think they will be rid of the temperamental star, he makes them a new offer to go with him into the real wild of the Everglades.  On the way, they pick up a girl named Tuna who is running from her abusive father.

Now Mickey, Wahoo, and Tuna will have to survive wild animals, raging weather, an irresponsible star, and Tuna's violent and drunken father.  Things will definitely get worse before they get better, especially when Derrick's trademark of eating creepy crawlies to survive rears it's ugly head!

Carl Hiaasen's latest book is an outdoor survival adventure with all the character and danger of the Florida Everglades plus Hiaasen's style, charm and humor.  It's a must read for adventure and animal fans, and it's perfect for all Campbell Gators.  Just make sure you don't get chomped!

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  1. My oldest liked Hoot (as did I) and I was going to grab Flush for her, since that was his second kids title (if I'm not mistaken). You gave this one two more stars than Flush, though--how come?