Friday, June 22, 2012

Forest Born

Rin grew up in the forest the youngest child and only girl in a family of boys.  She learned as a child that she could go to the trees to find peace and comfort, but she also learned as a child that she could use her words to get people to do her will no matter what they want.  She has only done this twice, the first time by accident, the second intentionally.  Now she feels the guilt of her actions every day.  To avoid making this mistake again, she has learned to be quiet, watchful, and helpful.  She knows that if her ma discovered the truth about her beloved daughter, she would hate her.

One day her favorite brother, Razo, returns from the city for a visit, and Rin decides to go back with him.  She is hoping that in the city she will escape the sadness and self-loathing she feels.  There she meets Razo's friends, including the queen of Bayern who tells Rin to call her Isi!  Rin can tell these new friends have special gifts, too, and she is drawn to them.  She is so good at being silent and watchful that everyone welcomes her as Razo's sister, and no one guesses her fearful secret.

But life is not perfect in the city, and soon there are rumors of war.  Before it is over, Isi will have to face an old and deadly enemy, and Rin will discover the terrible truth about what her "gift" can do.  Will she have the courage to defend the kingdom and resist the temptations of her gift?

Forest Born is the fourth book in Shannon Hale's Bayern series, but you can read and enjoy this book without having read the others.  But I highly recommend the other books:  Goose Girl, Enna Burning, and River Secrets!  (I just realized we don't have Enna Burning, but I will fix that ASAP!)

You should also read The Princess Academy which is one of my all time favorites because the sequel is coming out in August!  Can't wait!

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