Monday, June 11, 2012

True (...sort of)

For Delly Pattison, every day is an adventure--make that a Dellyventure! Unfortunately, what sounds like fun to Delly, sounds like trouble to everyone else.  Delly never never sets out to be bad, but it seems like that's how she always ends up.  Lately she's started to realize that her horribadible mistakes hurt other people, but she really can't figure out how to keep from disappointing everyone around her.

RB is Delly's little brother who loves her more than anything, and he's desperate to keep Delly out of trouble and by his side.  He's always ready for a Dellyventure!

Ferris Boyd is new in town and different from anyone Delly's ever met.  Ferris doesn't speak but projects a quiet peacefulness that draws animals and wounded people in.

Brud Kenney wants to be a basketball star.  He thinks about basketball every waking moment and wants to do things no one has ever seen.

When these four characters interact, their live will be changed forever as they discover the power of questions, truth, and friendship.  Fans of Katherine Hannigan's Ida B will love this fantabulous new book!

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