Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Escape Under the Forever Sky

Lucy should be thrilled to be living in Ethiopia; her dream is to study African animals, but her mother keeps her locked within the walls of their small American community.  Besides that, her mother is the American ambassador to Ethiopia and is always busy.  It seems like Lucy only gets to see her when she is forced to attend boring events with other ambassadors.  To make matters worse, her father took a job in Indonesia, so Lucy rarely sees him.

Everything changes when Lucy and her best friend, Tana, sneak out to hear a band at their favorite cafe.  Now Lucy has been kidnapped!  She doesn't know where she is or what will happen.  Should she wait around to see if the kidnappers will release her, or should she risk an escape?

Lucky for Lucy she loves African animals!  At least she's spent most of her down time reading and studying.  Maybe that will give her some kind of advantage in this thrilling adventure.

I loved this book!  It's got danger, adventure, and the magic of Africa.  Even though Lucy is in mortal danger for most of the story, the reader never looses the sense of magic and mystery that is Africa.

Be sure to read the author's note at the end to learn how the Eve Yohalem based the most amazing part of the story on real life!

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