Saturday, June 2, 2012


Zach Harriman's father is the man who saves the day.  He's always gone on some secret mission, but he always comes home again until the day when Zach gets a feeling that something terrible as happened.  Now his father is dead, and nothing will ever be the same.

Even as he grieves for his father, he notices strange things happening to him.  He has strangle energy and powers he's never had before, and he's losing his cool much faster than he once did.  Zach was always good at basketball, but now he's got amazing coordination and lightning fast reflexes.  Sometimes this is pretty cool, but he's mostly confused.

He meets a mysterious stranger who calls himself Mr. Herbert and seems to know a lot about Zach and his father, but Zach's own uncle doesn't trust him.  Zach has always trusted Uncle John, but now he's confused about him, too.

Who can Zach trust now that his world is turning upside down?  Everyone seems to know secrets about his father that Zach never imagined.  Something is coming; Zach can feel it.  Will he be ready to take his father's place as hero when the time comes?

Mike Lupica's new book has all the action of his sports stories with a superhero twist!

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