Monday, June 11, 2012

Relic Master: The Dark City

Anara is a world that is falling apart.  There are some Relic Masters, like Galen and his apprentice Raffi, who can perform magic and handle magical objects left behind by the Makers when they left Anara, but the Order of Masters is destroyed, and the remaining Masters are hunted by the Watch.

Carys is a young Watch Lord, sent out to capture Galen and Raffi.  Carys has been taught that the Masters' belief in the Makers and their power is foolishness and trickery, but when she lies her way into companionship with the Relic Master and his student, she sees things she can't explain.

Galen is haunted by an accident the wounded him physically and stripped him of his powers, so he must rely on the young and inexperienced Raffi to guide and protect the group as they seek a way to restore his powers.

Raffi is unprepared for the responsibility that has fallen on him since Galen's accident.  He is fiercely loyal to his master, but he also questions Galen's ability to care about his apprentice or anything other than his quest.

Their journey through this treacherous landscape will lead them to the heart of the fallen land, Tasceron, the Dark City.  In ancient times, it was glorious and peopled by the Makers, but now it broken and crumbling, fallen into a mysterious darkness and peopled with outlaws, dangerous watchmen, and strange murderous creatures from ancient myth.

The Dark City is the first book of four that will all be released this summer.  That's right friends, when you come back to school in the fall, we will have all four books in the library, so you can get lost in this dark fantasy world.

The Relic Master series is the newest offering from Incarceron author Catherine Fisher.

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